Printing and Packaging Industry in Latvia


General Information
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Year of foundation: 
Industry (NACE 2): 
17 Manufacture of paper and paper products
17.2 Manufacture of articles of paper and paperboard
17.21 Manufacture of corrugated paper and paperboard and of containers of paper and paperboard
46 Wholesale trade, except of motor vehicles and motorcycles
46.7 Other specialised wholesale
46.76 Wholesale of other intermediate products
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Turnover (EUR):
2 000 001 - 3 000 000
1 000 001 - 2 000 000
Export volume (EUR):
2 000 001 - 3 000 000
1 000 001 - 2 000 000
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Head of the Company
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Mr Jevgenijs Kacs - Member of the Board
Contact Information
Bukaišu iela 3, Rīga, LV-1004, Latvia
adboard [at] honeycomb [dot] lv
project [at] honeycomb [dot] lv
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Mr Jevgenijs Kacs - Member of the Board
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Business Profile and Cooperation Interests
Business profile: 

Honeycomb Technologies Ltd. opened production facilities that started manufacturing paper honeycomb and honeycomb panels in 2006. Our company was the pioneer in the Baltic states in honeycomb production. For the moment we sustained the position of the sole manufacturer of honeycomb panels in the region, and still we are the only ones to produce paper honeycomb in Latvia.    

Our client list increased significantly through these years but still we continue spreading information about paper honeycomb advantages over substitute materials. Our customers value our high-quality standards, reliability and responsiveness. We continuously follow the global tendencies for our industry and develop new products on the basis of paper honeycomb. 

Paper Honeycomb

One of the products we manufacture is Paper Honeycomb. Modern technological equipment allows us to manufacture the top quality Paper Honeycomb with variety of geometrical and physical parameters. We can produce Paper Honeycomb with 6-sided core, up to 1600 mm in width. This allows us to produce 3-layer honeycomb panels that are described in a corresponding section.
An automatic production line ensures manufacturing of Paper Honeycomb with infinite length and following characteristics:

  • height (H) – 10 to 100 mm;
  • width (in unexpanded condition) – up to 1600 mm;
  • width in expanded condition (W) – up to 1280 mm;
  • length (L) – infinite;
  • cell size (diameter of a circle inscribed in a hexagon) – 14, 21 and 27 mm;
  • compressive strength – 1,4 to 5,5 kg/cm2.

As a raw material for Paper Honeycomb production we use fluting with density 120-200 gsm.

How to Use Paper Honeycomb

It is well-known that Paper Honeycomb has got several alternative materials. Paper Honeycomb is not going to supplant all traditional materials that are now used in furniture manufacturing. However, there are several directions, where it is almost impossible to compete with paper honeycomb.

Firstly, it is manufacturing furniture elements of large height. In this case economical and physical characteristics match each other very well. When increasing the height of paper honeycomb, the level of strength of the furniture panel grows but the weight increases insufficiently. For example, a furniture panel 2000x800x50 weighs only around 2 kg. The weight of the same size panel made of particleboard weighs around 58 kg. It results in cutting costs on transportation and also you are not limited by standard dimensions of particleboard and can vary the sizes of paper honeycomb.

Secondly, it is an opportunity to produce curvilinear furniture surfaces. You will not have any additional waste nor additional mechanical treatment when producing such items. In order to produce such constructions manufacturers usually over expand Paper Honeycomb in order to change the shape of a cell to tetragonal. Gluing of curvilinear furniture may be done in vacuum presses.

Thirdly, it is manufacturing of flat furniture panels. The production of such items does not require additional mechanical treatment.

Paper Honeycomb is one of the most economically reasonable materials. High strength and low weight, low cost, eco-friendliness, high heat and noise insulation, ability to sustain impacts – these are the factors that determine the wide variety of appliances for Paper Honeycomb that is only limited by your imagination.

Paper Honeycomb Pallets

We produce honeycomb pallets of any required type. These pallets ideally fit export needs as:

  • they need no sanitary treatment;
  • they decrease the cost related to the weight of cargo, as each pallet is only about 2 kg;
  • they are cheaper than Certified Euro pallet.

Paper Honeycomb packaging solutions for any kind of industry.

Target export countries: 
Cooperation interests: 

Interested in partners who use honeycomb packaging in production. Also honeycomb pallets. Packaging solution for any industry.